Tennis Game

Tennis Game (that's its name!) is the best flash game of Tennis online - period. We've played literally dozens of different flash tennis games and there's just something about the gameplay of Tennis Game that makes it so special. It's no oil panting to look at, but its simple looks bely a terrific blend of speed, difficulty and control. It's super easy to get into, but a gratifying challenge to master. Over time, the nuances of the game begin to reveal themselves (you may even win a game or two), and with time and practice you too can become a grand slam champion. It's this challenge that makes 'Tennis Game' so rewarding to play.


Playing Tennis Game couldn't be easier... Use the space bar to hit the ball (and serve), and the arrow keys to move around the court. You can also direct the ball with the arrow keys at the time of striking the ball. Play the ball earlier in the swing and you'll hit it harder. There are two modes - an Exhibition game and Tournament. Tournament Mode is a little easier as it lets you choose which tennis player to control.

The game itself hails from Japan, and we're thrilled to bring it to our audience here. Play Tennis Game online for free here!